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Conditions for approval
Pattern Approval

This is a legal decision based on the evaluation report. According to it, the type of measuring instrument has to meet up with the regulations pertaining to it, and can also be used in the regulated field by giving reliable measurement results during a defined period of time.

This type of evaluation is a test or systematic trial of the performance of one or more samples of an identified type or pattern of measuring instrument compared to the requirements which have been laid down.

A pattern approval can be withdrawn in the following cases:

- modification of the type;

- circumstances influencing the metrological sustainability and/or reliability;

- factors that alter the metrological performance of the instrument required by the law and which are brought out only after an official approval has been granted.

All measuring instruments used in the Cameroonian market must belong to an approved type according to the law.

In order to obtain a pattern approval certificate, the manufacturer or importer writes an application to the Minister, in which he/she mentions his/her/its name, or company name and the address of his/her/its workshops. Attached to the application, shall be two copies of each of the documents listed below:

1-    an explicit account with detailed description of the instrument, indicating how it functions and its possible innovations;

2-    a design on one or many boards containing the types of cut patterns (diagrams), detail patterns, a perspective so that the instrument is represented as a whole and the main parts are highlighted;

3-    other documents that the applicant deems necessary to present.

Upon receipt of the application, the minister instructs his/her relevant staff to do the necessary testing and studies in order to ensure that the pattern conforms with the laid down requirements and also guarantees solidity, accuracy and good functioning.

For the test, the applicant has to install the instruments to be approved in the Weights and Measures Bureau.

However, this installation can be done at any other place chosen by the applicant or the authorities if this option has some advantages.

The installation, test and removal of the instrument are done at the expense of the applicant. The State is not responsible for any damages that the instrument may undergo during such a test.

At the end of testing, the authorities in charge of weights and measures note down the comments and conclusion on the studies and tests carried out in a report. The minister takes a decision with regard to the said instrument and informs the manufacturer or the importer concerned.

A pattern approval decision can be cancelled if it is noticed that instruments made following this pattern have problems of solidity or functioning or if the said instruments no longer conform with the requirements.

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