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By Felix Fotso, Technical Adviser No. 1, Promote Focal Point

1- Can you tell us what PROMOTE is?
PROMOTE or International Business Forum of SME and partnership was established following the CEMAC economic days held in Yaoundé, with the aim of encouraging trading between countries of the sub region.

These days experienced a huge success and aroused the interest of people, so that the Cameroonian government, on instructions of the Head of State, His Excellency Paul BIYA, opted to make them a permanent event. This is how PROMOTE came into existence. It now takes place after every three years and is coordinated by the Minister of Trade (government principal), with the expertise of the Fondation Inter-Progress.

2- Which are the domains where the government intervenes?

The domains where the government intervenes are numerous.

With regard to this forum:

In preparation for every edition, the government through its principal, the Minister of Trade, signs a memorandum of understanding with the President of Fondation Inter progress, which defines the organizational framework of the Forum and which contains the commitments made by the parties concerned.

In this case, the commitments made by the Government generally relate to:

Before the trade fair :

  • The organisation of the spatial and functional site of the event.
  • The security of the site.
  • The Financial support for the organization of the event (while waiting for the forum to attain financial autonomy).
During the trade fair :
  • The organisation of B2B meetings between Cameroonian and foreign economic operators in order to present a better image, the potentialities and opportunities that the Cameroonian economy offers.
  • The organisation of meetings between Cameroonian institutions and foreign delegations in order to promote economic and financial cooperation.

3- How is the balance sheet like after four editions?

The balance sheet after four editions of PROMOTE is positive.

  • The acquisition of know-how and technology transfer by Cameroonian enterprises.
  • International openings for SMEs.
  • Significant development/modernization of small businesses (processing of raw materials, good command of ICT applications, distinguished sewing through fashion parades).
  • The development of win-win partnerships in various sectors.
  • Participation and involvement of sub regional and international organizations (CEMAC, ECCAS, EU…).
  • Better credibility and visibility for the Cameroonian economy and even for Cameroon as a tourist destination.

In short, in terms of figures, the temporary balance sheet for 2011 shows:

  • A total of 1 290 exhibitors, an increase of about 200 units as compared to the 2008 edition;
  • A strong representation of 30 countries from all continents.

A fleet of 16 countries:

 •     AFRIQUE DU SUD                                           -   FRANCE

 •     ALGERIE                                                         -   GRANDE BRETAGNE

 •     ALLEMAGNE                                                   -   GUINEE EQUATORIALE

 •     ARGENTINE                                                    -   ITALIE                               

 •     BELGIQUE                                                      -   REPUBLIQUE CENTRAFRIQUE

 •     CANADA                                                         -   SUISSE

 •     COREE DU SUD                                             -   TUNISIE

 •     ETATS UNIS                                                  -   TURQUIE

These countries took part in numerous debates, and national days which encouraged B2B meetings.

  • The exhibition space on the secured surface area was 9.5 hectares of which 5.6 were totally exploited for the event.
  • The total number of visitors reached 117 000 with an increase of 6 000 as compared to 2008.
  • In partnership with the Investment Promotion Agency (API) of Cameroon, the B2B meetings, the business appointments, the quest for solicited partnerships in advance on the part of Cameroonians and foreigners  increased to 495 during that edition of PROMOTE.
  • Exciting conferences, debates, workshops, presentation of enterprises or products hit all records with 84 meetings.

The next edition of PROMOTE is scheduled to take place between 6 – 14 December 2014.

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Published : May 10, 2012
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